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Don’t just pass the Real Estate exam; crush it! While California requires a minimum score of 70%, at JBD, we set our sights higher. Our Real Estate exam tutor near me will be your guide through the 150-question California exam. Conquer complex topics with confidence as you master the material through our practice questions. With JBD Real Estate Tutors by your side, challenges become stepping stones to success.

Are You Struggling With The California Real Estate Sales Exam?

Have you made several attempts to pass the California real state sales exam and haven’t passed yet?
 Do you think you are a terrible test taker?
Are you ready to give up?

Real Estate Exam Student Struggle

Every year, hundreds of people choose to enter the Real Estate business. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of people who join schools complete the licensing process. “Most people struggle to grasp the three required courses.”
Here’s a flash: IT’S NOT YOU! You are not receiving the correct guidance or help.

Advice Help from real estate exam tutor

So, where do you need help?

Our industry is in need of good agents and mortgage lenders. However, both specialties require a real estate license. Sooner or later, you will have to “pass” the Real Estate exam.

The best of the best prepare, prepare, and prepare some more. “We practice more than we play”. You will find this to be true in any sport, the arts, entertainment, and business.

If you are truly serious about entering this arena, your practice and preparation begin NOW at this level. You will need to put in the time, effort, study, and WORK!

I will help you reach your goals, but only if you are serious and dedicated. The one thing I can not teach is “passion.”

Real Estate Tutor/ Real Estate Tutoring / Real Estate Tutors Near Me

Embark on your journey from aspiring agent to licensed professional with unwavering confidence. At JBD Real Estate Tutor, guided by the expertise of Jeremy B. Diaz, we provide personalized real estate tutoring tailored to your unique needs. Through insightful guidance and steadfast support, we pinpoint your areas of improvement, strategically address them, and propel you towards success. Choose JBD to unlock your path to triumph, connecting you with top-tier real estate tutors near me.

California Real Estate License Exam / Real estate tutor

Get the personalized help you need to pass the California Real Estate License Exam. With over 20 years of experience, our expert tutor will create a custom curriculum just for you, focusing on your weaknesses, making it fit your busy schedule and ensuring your success. Don’t stress about passing the exam anymore – join the hundreds of students who have aced their exam with our efficient and private real estate tutor sessions. Say goodbye to exam anxiety and hello to your real estate license.

Students Helped Pass State Exam


If you are having trouble understanding the California Real Estate Principles or passing the California Real Estate Sales Exam, I can help. Once I determine your weaknesses, I will create a custom curriculum tailored to your needs. Rest assured, I have been teaching Real Estate Principles for over 20 years and have helped hundreds of students pass their Principles course. With JBD Real Estate Tutoring service, private tutoring for Real Estate Exam.

Custom Virtual Tutoring

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Zoom Tutoring Now Available

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I offer real estate exam tutor Zoom sessions online to accommodate everyone’s needs. Real Estate License Exam Tutor online tutoring sessions are the perfect learning tool when you are on the go. Zoom is intuitive, easy to use, and it is also a free program.Zoom

My Private Tutoring for Real Estate Exam Provides Students with the Resources They Need to Succeed

JBD Real Estate Tutor is committed to helping students prepare for their California Real Estate Exams. I help them review the knowledge and skills they need to pass the exams while offering one-on-one tutoring sessions with my experience as a real estate exam tutor.

I have Zoom tutoring options to fit everyone’s needs. You can now pass the real estate test with my help.


“I want to help people BECOME who they want to be”…
-Jeremy B. Diaz
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Why you Should Hire a Real Estate Exam Tutor

Getting into the real estate sector can be a lucrative and fun adventure. Touring many properties and meeting up with different potential clients every day keeps your job lively. It also prevents you from experiencing the boredom that can accompany other sectors. Here, you have the potential to grow your social network and net worth simultaneously, giving you opportunities that might have seemed unreachable before. Yes, you read that right. However, the very first step to getting started is to take and pass a Real Estate license exam with private tutoring for the Real Estate exam with JBD.

It can be terrifying to prepare for a real estate examination, especially when you’ve made several attempts and haven’t passed yet. But you should understand that succeeding in this exam is the only thing that stands in the way between you and your dream of becoming a Real Estate agent. You definitely should do all within your abilities to succeed.

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