Are You Struggling With The California Real Estate Sales Exam?

Have you made several attempts to pass the california real state sales exam and failed?
 Do you think you are a terrible test taker?
Are you ready to give up?

Real Estate Exam Student Struggle

Every year, hundreds of people choose to enter the Real Estate business. Unfortunately a very small percentage of people, who join schools, complete the licensing process. “Most people struggle to grasp the three required courses.”
Here’s a flash; IT’S NOT YOU! You are not receiving the correct guidance or help.

Advice Help from real estate exam tutor

So, where do you need help?

Our industry is in need of good agents and mortgage lenders. However, both specialties require a real estate license. Sooner or later;  you will have to “pass” the real state exam.

The best of the best, prepare, prepare and prepare some more. “We practice more than we play”. You will find this to be true in any sport, the arts, entertainment and business.

If you are truly serious about entering this arena, your practice and preparation begins NOW at this level. You will need to put in the time, effort, study and WORK!

I will help you reach your goals; but only if you are serious and dedicated. The one thing I can not teach is “passion”.

Students Helped Pass State Exam


If you are having trouble understanding the California Real Estate Principles or passing the California Real Estate Sales Exam, I can help. Once I determine what your weaknesses are I will create a custom curriculum tailored to your needs. Rest assured I have been teaching the Real Estate Principles for over 10 years and helped hundreds of students pass their Principles course.

In Home Tutoring

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Skype Tutoring Now Available

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If you do not live in the Orange County area, we now offer Skype sessions online to accommodate everyone’s needs. Online tutoring sessions are the perfect learning tool when you are on the go, or simply don’t live in the area. Skype and Zoom are both intuitive, easy to use, and it is also a free program.