About Jeremy B. Diaz

I’ve trained new licensees and agents for the past 20 years. This one-to-one service I’m providing is about ‘YOU’, not me. However, there is some pertinent information about me you should know.

I’ve been on staff with two of California’s top real estate schools. I’ve been a classroom instructor for Real Estate Principles and a ‘Crash Course’ instructor.

I’m also an active Realtor! I know what it takes to get this sales license.

I’ve been where you want to go.

So, how bad do you really want it?
No excuses!

Jeremy B. Diaz

Jeremy Diaz

Jeremy Diaz is your go-to expert for acing the California Real Estate Sales Exam. He is an active California Realtor and has over 20 years of experience in training applicants with his personalized formula. Rest assured that he knows what it takes to get your license. 

With his mantra “results are closer than you think”,  he takes pride in his tailored sessions, where he aims to make the experience as productive and rewarding as possible. His unique and proven method of tutoring is meant for any student struggling to become a student with full confidence and a strong foundational understanding of the Real Estate Principles topics. He even helps the students gain motivation and discipline outside of the study sessions, creating a supreme experience for anyone who wants to succeed in their exams and nail the highest scores.