How Correct Preparation and the Language in Real Estate Courses Can Determine Success or Failure on Your Real State Licensing Exam

By August 10, 2021 November 16th, 2023 Blog

Correct Preparation for Real State Licensing ExamOnce a person has decided to obtain a California Real Estate License, they will have to learn to become bi-lingual. Real Estate has its language.

To study for a Real Estate License means to learn the different terminologies in the language of the Department of Real Estate with your real estate exam tutor.

Some of the words we are all familiar with in the English language will mean something different in the world of Real Estate. On the state exam, a question can be to provide a word’s definition or meaning. A word missed could mean a test failed.

When an attorney has been paid a retainer, a doctor is treating a patient, a family therapist is counseling a client, or a REALTOR has taken a Listing, what do they all have in common? They immediately have a “Fiduciary” responsibility. So, what does it mean to be a “Fiduciary”? Do you know? You better! The word “Fiduciary” will be in your course studies and on the state exam.

Another important section of the state exam is “Appraisal”. So what exactly does an Appraiser do? How does an Appraiser affect the sale of a property in a transaction? What is the Highest and Best Use? What is the Principle of Substitution? How long is an Appraisal good?

There will be a number of vocabulary words on the state exam regarding Appraisal.

These appraisal words in particular can determine a pass or fail on the state exam.

When we mention the words Principle or Client, who are we speaking about? If we refer to a person as a Customer or Prospect, who are we identifying? A relationship of “Agency” means what?

These are just some small examples of the language of Real Estate you will study with your real estate state exam tutor. The state exam is full of trickery in terminology. Just this area alone is why people fail at the state exam.

JBD California Real Estate Exam Tutor will cover the vocabulary found in the real estate courses and much more.

Your private tutor for the real estate exam, Jeremy B. Diaz, has success with first-time applicants and people who have not passed the exam on multiple attempts. Jeremy’s system will work if you work the system. The best REALTORS out-prepare the competition. However, your discipline in preparation starts at this level. Good working habits developed now will carry into the real world of a person’s Real Estate business. That’s it for this month’s blog. Jeremy – Your Tutor.

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