The Pain of Failure

By March 15, 2019 November 16th, 2023 Blog

Getting a poor grade on your Real Estate Sales Exam can be extremely discouraging, not to mention money thrown in the garbage. There are many reasons why students are unable to pass their Real Estate Sales Exam; some students are nervous test-takers, some have not been studying hard enough, and some were simply given poor instruction throughout their prerequisite courses. If you are currently finding yourself in this position, I am here to let you know that you have come to the right place and have taken the most crucial first step to reach your California real estate sales goals.

Here at JBD Real Estate Tutoring, I, Jeremy Diaz, am able to work with you on a one-on-one basis to help you figure out why it is that you have been unsuccessful in your test-taking ventures thus far. Together, we will discover your weaknesses and isolate them so that we are able to improve upon them more and more every time we meet. It is important for students to recognize why it is they are not succeeding, and then to make a plan to do something about it. This is not only a skill that will aid in passing a CA Real Estate Sales Exam, but also a skill that will be invaluable in continuing life as an adult.

The word “insanity” is often defined as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”


If you are in a position where you haven’t passed your exam more than once, then it is likely that little to no adjustments were made in preparing for your subsequent exams. This is where many students go wrong. It is absolutely imperative to see how you may have gone wrong the first time and to come to learn how you can fix it. After all, ignoring the problem never allowed anyone to make it very far in life.

In addition to the mental and emotional stress that comes along with not passing your CA Real Estate Sales Exam, there is also a very large monetary loss associated with this. Every time you take the exam and don’t pass it, you have essentially put a good amount of money out, only to not achieve your goal. After multiple attempts, the monetary loss is quite significant. Sometimes, it is better to put the money out for help than it is to put the money out for failed attempts.

Think about it like this: is it more painful to continually experience monetary loss along with failure, or to part with a few extra dollars to experience the feeling of success?


By potentially not paying a few extra dollars to be given all of the tools you need, you could be losing out on thousands by having to continuously retake the test. Remember – every day you are without your real estate license, you are losing out on big potential money.

With the services offered here at JBD Real Estate Tutor, you will be given all the tools you need and more to pass your exam. Throughout our time together, you will be able to analyze yourself and your studying weaknesses and then make a plan to conquer them. There is no doubt that as long as you are willing to put in the study time and effort outside of our meetings together, you will be rolling straight ahead on the path to real estate success.

So, if you are currently in need of help to pass your California Real Estate Sales Exam, do not hesitate to give me a call. We will be able to have a free initial consultation over the phone for me to get an idea of where you are in the process and begin developing a plan for you before our first face-to-face meeting. If you are a good candidate for the services I provide, we will schedule something from there.

What are you waiting for? Contact me via phone, email, or submit an inquiry form on JBD’s website to learn more about how you can make all of your real estate sales dreams a reality.

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