Why Most People Fail Their Real Estate Exam

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Why do most individuals fail their real estate exam on their first, second or even third time around? It often comes down to three main reasons. If you feel like giving up and that there is nobody out there to help you achieve your dreams you’re not alone. JBD Real Estate Tutor has the experience, knowledge and techniques to ensure you pass your exam the first time around.

Not Reading the Correct Books

Unfortunately many students don’t know the correct approach to reading material or surround themselves with sources of information and still cannot get what they need out it. JBD Real Estate Tutor has the correct studying materials and techniques you need to study for and pass your real estate exam.

Not Studying the Material

There are many different ways to study but JBD offers the techniques to learn how to study and what material you need to study. Knowing these techniques are crucial for passing your real estate exam so you’re not loading your brain up on irrelevant information.

Not Listening

If you aren’t reading the proper material, you’re not continuing to study the material on your own time or simply aren’t listening; you are in need of JBD Real Estate Tutors services. JBD spends one on one time teaching you how to listen, read, and study the correct material to help you pass your exams.

While there are many factors that can come into play that may be the reasons you keep failing, it really boils down to these 3 areas. If you’re tired of failing your exams and are embarrassed and discouraged, stop hesitating and give JBD a call today.

Understanding Real Estate Terminology with JBD Real Estate Tutor

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Did you know parts of the Real Estate Salesperson Exam are not only tricky questions but sometimes a vocabulary word? Believe it or not, just one word alone, can cause a person to fail. JBD Real Estate Tutoring will cover and explain the unusual language of the real estate salesperson exam to help you understand and pass the state exam.
The following are some actual examples:
·         Holographic Will= Entirely hand written and signed by the testator. (It could even be written on a napkin & it would hold up in court.)
·         Escheat = If a person dies without a will or heirs, only the government can take over the subject property.
·         Deciduous = Tree or shrub the sheds its leaves annually.
·         Easement = The right to cross or use someone else’s land.
·         Beneficiary = It’s not just an heir to a will. A beneficiary can also be a lender.

Understanding Real Estate terminology is crucial to passing the California Real Estate Salesperson Exam. JBD Real Estate Tutoring is there to guide you along the way and provide studying techniques to help you pass the exam. Jeremy understands the frustration and embarrassment that comes along with failing the exam. JBD Real Estate Tutoring has helped hundreds of students pass their California Real Estate Salesperson Exam who have followed his instruction. Since Jeremy offers private one to one sessions and is available via Skype or Zoom. His instruction is available to anyone trying to pass the Real Estate Salesperson Exam. Call now to see how JBD Real Estate Tutor can help you succeed!